Proud To be One

Proud To be One

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

put on your make up dayu

Watching all of your friends slowly getting picked one by one..and there's you...not in that line..
you tried to acted natural, but then you know your limit...

I just can't!

i thought i was strong.
but i am wrong.
i thought i was prepared.
but i'm not.

naa...i have my own pride. my own ego.
come on dayu.
as usual.
put on your make up
and also draw a smile on your face..laugh if you had too..
u'll be ok dayu...u'll be just fine

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Terima Kasih Daun Keladi

Hye there... Thanks a lot sudi singgah sini... rerajinkan lah diri tinggalkan jejak... InsyaAllah, pergi melawat nanti...
"Ni personal blog aq. Aq tak bertanggungjawab atas segala komen yang diberikan. Segala entry aku adalah tujuan perkongsian semata. "