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People Change

People change.Yes they do.Do not expect that they gonna be the same. That person who used to be good to you, used to help you, you to laugh with you, used to tell you story or anything, with a blink of an eye, just change to a total damn awful person.
People change. Yes they do. Do not expect that they will stay the same. That person who you used to hate the most, you used to yell at he/she, you used to be annoyed at any things that she/he had done... with a blink of an eye, become the most cherished person in your life 
People change. Yes they do. Don't expect that everyone gonna like you. that everyone gonna love you that everyone will treat you the same as you treat them
If you know something is wrong with your friendship, or your relationship don't just stand there doing nothing don't just sit and think that you got nothing to do with it SOLVE it. Find where the heck is the problem. If it from you, yourself, try to change it even thought you don't like it be a better …